Nov 2010

Primo Water Corp $115M Initial Public Offering

Signal Hill served as a co-manager on the recent $115M Initial Public Offering for Primo Water Corp.

Primo is a rapidly growing provider of three and five-gallon purified bottled water and water dispensers sold through major retailers nationwide. Their products provide an environmentally friendly, economical, convenient and healthy solution for consuming purified water. Primo’s business is designed to generate recurring demand for Primo purified bottled water through the initial sale of their innovative water dispensers. The Company believes dispenser owners consume an average of 35 multi-gallon bottles of water annually. Once the bottled water is consumed using a water dispenser, empty bottles are exchanged at a Primo Water recycling center display where consumers receive a recycling ticket that offers a discount toward the purchase of a full bottle of Primo purified water.

Primo Water Corp was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Winston Salem, North Carolina.

$115,000,000 Initial Public Offering

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